This book discusses the philosophy of the Republican party, the contrast with the philosophy of the Democrat party, and what will happen to the country if the Democrats have success in the 2020 election.


With the election of President Trump, and the control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in Republican hands, the Republicans showed the electorate the difference between Democrat control and Republican control. In the mid-term election of 2018 the Democrats gained a majority in the House of Representatives while the Republicans maintained control of the Senate. The Democrats are doing everything they can to discredit President Trump while not talking about his tremendous accomplishments in turning the economy around and making the United States once again respected in the world.

Author Leland M. Stenehjem, Jr.

I am Enjoying Your Book!

You cover a lot of territory. You bring it all together. You are an excellent writer. Good selection of quotes, speeches, opinions, and articles.

Wayne B., Scottsdale, AZ

Hard to put Your Book Down

I’m a little further than DJ but he is right behind me. So well written!!

Jan J., Scottsdale, AZ


Mr Stenehjem does a wonderful job of chronologically walking us through the most significant events & issues that have affected our country throughout the last 244 years. He touches on our Constitution, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. He also delineates many of the keys that we have utilized over the years, and that we have nurtured to bring us to the great country that we are today. However, his very timely comments point out that with the anarchy from the democratic marxists, extremists, socialists, & communists that have now infiltrated our country , they are trying to burn it down and destroy everything that has made our country strong. It is time to take a firm stand and fight  back to save our nation!! We have to step up now before it is too late. This is the most important election of our lifetime & our kids, and the  future of our country is on the line in November…we , as Patriots, must fight back and re-elect President Donald Trump with an overwhelming landslide for 4 more years, to save our nation.
Bill M., Scottsdale, AZ

Defend the USA From the Liberal Agenda

The Democrats in the House will not pass any legislation for fear that they would give President Trump a victory. They care nothing more about defeating President Trump than about what is in the country’s best interest. They hate President Trump more than they love their country! Under this scenario, and if they succeed, the “Almost” will need to be removed for we will then truly be “The Great, The Late, United States of America!”

Author Leland M. Stenehjem, Jr.

A timely read in today’s world of politics

Well written, factual, and eye opening. The author delves into our history offering clear examples of who the Conservative and Liberals have become thru the years.  What each stands for and what America will become if Liberals take control of the Government!  Should be a required read for ALL Americans. Also I want to buy 4 copies for Grandchildren and get them in the mail. Should I purchase thru Amazon or from you directly?

Jan, Surprise, AZ

A very important and fine

I just finished your amazing book. I can’t tell you how very impressed I am.
As a staunch Republican and Trump supporter, I am aware of most of what you
relate in your book, but you crystallized the information. Your book flows
easily and it is very comprehensive.
Many books have been written lately that are either pro or anti Trump. Your
book is different in that it most clearly interprets and delineates the stark
differences between our political parties. So informative! I wish everyone
could read your book, but alas! I doubt most democrats would read it.
I wish you well. Sell millions of copies. Our country needs to get informed!
Ignorance is a huge issue here. Congratulations on a very important and fine

Sharon, Scottsdale, AZ

Excellent read

 Everything we know and believe. I am recommending the book to others.

Pat, Scottsdale, AZ

Awesome and very impressive!

Your book arrived this week – awesome and very impressive!
Looks like a lot of research involved (years? or months?) for the large amount of information you have put into the book.

Dave, Washington, D.C.